Shane Trotter

The interview title is: A Counter-Cultural Approach to Inspired Human Development

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Challenges and Mission of Training Today's Youth

This presentation is an in depth look at the cultural concerns relevant to todays parents, educators, and coaches. In it we will create a context to understand what inclines youth to thrive and how we can go about influencing them most positively. We'll explore the many pitfalls of todays athletics and physical development landscapes so we can better navigate them for our own children.



Shane Trotter is the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Mansfield High School in Mansfield, Texas. He has worked at Mansfield High since graduating from TCU, in 2011. He’s coached football, track, softball, and powerlifting at Mansfield High School on his way to becoming the Strength & Conditioning Coordinator. Currently, he holds the CSCS, USAW-1, and ISSA certifications. He is also a frequent writer for Breaking Muscle and Stack.

Through training, Shane Trotter has found an amazing vehicle to impact students. He believes strongly in living an active, healthy lifestyle and helping others take control of their lives with positive habits and goals. Like most, countless great coaches in this field and many others have influenced his training philosophy. At its core, he believes, great training comes from the power of simplification and executing essentials with passion and purpose.

In his free time, Shane enjoys spending time with his wife hiking, reading, exploring the DFW area, or just hanging around the house. He and his wife have, also, started a health club on their campus where they work with students to educate and create a healthier school culture. He believes strongly that all people have a heroic dynamic ability within themselves that should be fostered and brought out.

To keep up with Shane you can follow him on Twitter: @TrotterCoach or email him at